Today my son asked me if he could have a little Sister! Seeing as I’m 3 months away from my delivery date I have to admit it’s been something that’s been playing on my mind a lot recently. I replied to him “Why do you want a sister sweetie? Wouldn’t you rather a little Brother to play with?” to which he replied “So I can look after her”! It was the sweetest moment. I treasure all of these sweet moments of innocence from my child as I’m sure most mothers do!

I would love to have a little girl to dress up and treat as my little princess, as I’ve mentioned previously. Don’t get me wrong – another little boy would be fantastic too. All the preparations we have been making such as buying new clothing, decorating the room as so forth have all been quite neutral up to this point, so we are prepared for whatever comes our way in the future.

Thinking about what he asked me made me reflect upon my life and how many children I would ideally like to have. I would love to have a little girl as I’m sure most people would but I don’t know how many children I would want as yet! One is a lot of work but he’s more than worth it, he’s my world. I’m looking forward to the challenge of bringing up two children and the obstacles I will face along the way.

How many Children do you have & How did you handle the whole gender hopes and dreams?!



♥ Love much appreciated ♥

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One Response to Can I have a sister mommy?

  1. I always wanted girls. I had my daughter and was ecstatic. When I got pregnant again I desperately wanted it to be a girl. I decided to find out as if it was a boy I wanted time to get used to it, not greet him with horror when he was born.
    They told me it was a boy – I cried for several days then made my peace with it. But I needn’t have worried – he is the dearest sweetest loveliest little boy ever (course I am biased) and I love him to bits. I also love the interaction between them- they are similar yet different and our family feels balanced.

    I had thought I wanted 3 children but two feels just perfect & we didn’t try for any more.
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