Today my little boy sky said to me, “Mummy, can you tell me about the Birds and the Bees?” as one of his friends from the park told him that their mummy was telling them about the Birds and the Bees! He also asked “Mummy, what’s the big lump in your tummy?” to which I replied “It’s your new baby brother or sister!” which he got all excited about. It’s these moments that I treasure with my child, the innocence and creativity of their minds.

Thinking about all the cute things they say gave me the inspiration for this blog post, children are so lovely and innocent, when my son says “I love you mummy” it just melts my heart. It’s these moments that make all the hard work of being a parent worth while! I will treasure these moment for the rest of my life!

What cute things to do your kids say that make you smile icon smile Cute things kids say! ?

♥ Love much appreciated ♥

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