So it’s that time of year again. The roads get busier, the shops get hectic and everything goes crazy! As much as the craziness of Christmas makes me shiver, I love it.  I love the sense of unity with Family, warm drinks and lovely stories shared.

The best thing about today of course, being the 1st of December we get to open our Christmas Calenders! yum yum. I always get a Cadburys one as they are my favourite. I’ve bought 3 this year, one for each of my family. I usually get 1 for Skylar and one for myself as my husband proclaims he doesn’t want one, only to later steal mine!

Christmas shopping is going well, seems there is mass panic about whether everyone’s deliveries will be on time due to Royal Mail being so over jammed! I’ve got most of my prezzies now which is a big relief, better to get it out of the way sooner rather than later!

Hows your Christmas Shopping going?

Happy December!



♥ Love much appreciated ♥

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  1. What’s your husbands name?

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